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Opening bank account with Bank of Cyprus

The history of the bank began in the late 19th century when a small group of businessmen and financiers established Nicosia Savings Bank. The first office of the bank started its operation in 1899 in the capital of Cyprus – Nicosia. Until then the country had not had a modern financial institution. Upon foundation of Nicosia Savings Bank new possibilities were opened for trading as well as community in general. In 1912 the company became Bank of Cyprus.

Today the Bank of Cyprus Group is the leading banking and financial institution of Cyprus.

On the 31st of December 2010 the gross assets of the Group were € 42.64 bln, the share capital was € 2.74 bln. The shares of Bank of Cyprus are listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange and the Athens Exchange.

Infinity Group is an official introducer of Bank of Cyprus.

Main services of Bank of Cyprus
  • Opening corporate accounts in over 30 world’s currencies
  • Internet banking
  • Issuing corporate cards: Visa Classic, Visa Gold
  • Opening personal accounts
Required documentation:
  • Original corporate documents including apostille
  • Bank’s forms (prepared by our company)
  • Original passports of the company’s directors and shareholders having the signature authority
  • CV
Required presence in the bank
  • Personal presence is required. Meeting has to be arranged with representative of the bank or of Infinity Group.
  • As an option, certification of forms can be done in Cyprus/Greek consulate.
Time required to open and activate an account
  • Full activation is done within 2-3 week
Official website of the bank
Tariffs of the bank
Account opening fee
  • 500 USD – for clients of Infinity Group

For more information on the company services contact us by e-mail or by phone + 248 428 0505

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