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IBC Management

The managing process of a Seychelles International Business Company may be operated in several ways or through a combination of options with the two primary choices. Take a look at the detailed explanations below:

Pros and cons

If an owner of the IBC is also a Director, there are several pros:

Unfortunately, there are a number of cons as well:

Considering the above advantages and disadvantages, feel free to decide if the Nominee service is the plausible route in your case. In most instances an appointed manager from the outside is capable of effectively ensuring that the company stays tax-free and is able to protect the owner`s anonymity with regards to the offshore accounts.

Being a Director

The most important objective of a Trusted Director is to make sure the real company manager stays in secrecy. In order to accomplish that, demands of each client and individual circumstances are taken into account before coming to the final agreement.

As the basic principal, a Trusted Director is not interfering with the IBC company affairs; his role is to substitute for the director position. A "Nominee" is the most commonly used title for this job. In the described scenario a company owner proceeds to do all of the transactions and business dealings as usual. To reach this goal he or she may be appointed as an attorney to the company through a written authorization (Power of Attorney). Following this step, a client then signs all of the paperwork, business documentation, invoices etc. He will also be required to put a signature while managing bank accounts as an account operator. In such case the Nominee`s role would only be a formality and a small fee is going to be charged for service.

The complete Company Control method efficiently solves any disagreements related to the business`s registered location and where it is being governed from. It is an undoubtedly useful technique for guarding the company beneficiary from any unwanted involvement in the business. Such management assistance is provided by the Offshore Company Register. We will happily go over the conditions and details according to your particular business` requirements.


In a similar fashion as with the Director substitute, a company shareholder might unfavorably influence or sabotage the level of privacy and secrecy. For the purpose of shielding the ties to the business, an owner of the company might require a Nominee shareholder service. Seeing as it is a more or less inactive role comparing to being the Director, a trusted shareholder service is offered and provided in a much more simplified way.

The connection of a Trusted Shareholder is generally validated through suitable declarations or pre-arranged transferring documentation made by the Nominee for the interested clients. By using this kind of paperwork the actual proprietor has the ability to verify his possession of an International Business Company.

Nominee Director and Shareholder services may be obtained through a simple process when purchasing your own Seychelles Offshore International Company Organization. We are striving to ensure the smoothest incorporation with minimal fees, non-existent taxes and maximum privacy protection. By creating an offshore company in Seychelles you will have all of the needed conditions to remain confidential while operating a business in the desired way.

Another unique feature of having an IBC in Seychelles is the fixed annual fee that pertains to all varieties of international companies, entirely independent from the amount, shares quantity or any other business parameters. In some jurisdictions higher registration payment required if the authorized capital goes over the threshold of 50,000-100,000 USD. However, there is no limit in Seychelles. Meaning it is possible to have a fully incorporated IBC with the assets amounting to over a million dollars but still pay the same fee.

Seychelles IBC offers a very distinctive advantage of not having minimal capital restrictions for starting out a business Thanks to this policy, Seychelles IBC is all-around an excellent choice for starting an offshore business. Fill an order today and we will ensure your expectations are met to the fullest.

Power of Attorney Declaration of Trust

Power of Attorney is issued in the name of nominee director to the Attorney. The Power of Attorney can be both limited and unlimited. On the basis of the given document, the person indicated in the Power of Attorney, acts on behalf of the company and as a legitimate attorney can sign documents and contracts and can open bank accounts. As a rule the Power of Attorney is issued for a period of one year.

Another of the primary documents regulating legal relations within the institution of nominee service is the Declaration of Trust. The Declaration of Trust is issued by the nominee shareholder to the real owner of the company. The Declaration of Trust sets out that the Seychelles nominee shareholders are bound to fulfill all the instructions of the beneficiary in relation to allocation of dividends, shareholders' resignation, share transfer etc.

An obligatory condition for the use of the services of nominee directors and shareholders is the entering into of an Agreement for the Provision of Nominee Services. This agreement is signed by both parties (nominee and beneficiary) in two copies and forms a guarantee of security for both in the event that any disputes arise.

In addition to the above documents the beneficiary is also provided with letters of exemption with blank dates from the director (letter of dismissal from duty) and from the shareholder (share transfer document). This gives additional guarantees to the owner of the company and at any moment he can appoint his own appointees or himself to the post of directors or shareholders.

The institution of nominee service has enormous scope and in certain cases requires an individual approach to the resolution of specific matters. Offshore Company Register can offer assistance in finding the routes most suitable for achieving the given aims for the development of your Business.

Cost of nominee director's services
Making an entry concerning a nominee director into the Register, issue of a general Power of Attorney for 1 year 250 USD
Signing of documents 20 USD for
1 document
Issue of an additional general Power of Attorney 150 USD
Issue of additional documents Contact us
Cost of nominee shareholder's services
Making an entry concerning a nominee shareholder into the Register, issue of a trust declaration 250 USD per 1 year
Signing of documents 20 USD for
1 document
Issue of additional documents Contact us

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