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Registration of yachts and vessels under Seychelles flag

The Republic of Seychelles is one of the most attractive and well-known offshore jurisdictions. Seychelles International Business Companies (IBC) can be used not only as an effective tool of international tax planning but also for registration of ownership of yachts and vessels.

Seychelles is a member of the UN, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Indian Ocean Commission, and the International Maritime Organization. It means that Seychelles has adopted appropriate laws and regulations ensuring compliance with international shipping standards.

Vessels and yachts may be registered under Seychelles flag in accordance with the Merchant Shipping Act, 1992.

The advantages of registration of yachts and vessels in the name of Seychelles companies are as follows: use of nominee service guarantees high level of confidentiality, no taxation when selling/transferring a yacht, preferential taxation for companies that own yachts, and much more.

Upon registration of a yacht or vessel the Certificate of Registration is issued for 5 years and Radio License for 1 year. Tonnage dues and radio license fees have to be paid once a year.

Requirements for registration of yachts and vessels under Seychelles flag

The Certificate of Registration of Vessel and Radio License are obtained within 7-10 workdays.

Cost of registration of a vessel under Seychelles flag starts from 2,499 USD.

Yacht registration packages

Services Standard package
2499 USD
Silver package
3149 USD
Gold package
3649 USD
Infinity package
3999 USD
Yacht registration
Company registration including government fees  
Registered address for 1 year  
Company seal  
Share certificate  
Services for shareholders for 1 year    
Director services for 1 year    
Total cost
2499 USD
3149 USD
3649 USD
3999 USD
Annual renewal fee 1500 USD 1950 USD 2450 USD 2450 USD

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