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Opening account with Rietumu Bank

Rietumu Bank is among the leading commercial banks in the Baltics. Having opened in 1992 with the first headquarters based in Riga, Latvia, it was among the first private banks in the region.

Being well-known internationally Rietumu Bank provides an extensive range of financial services to clients throughout the Baltic states, Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other areas.

Rietumu Bank ranked highest among all banking institutions in the region of Eastern Europe and according to business magazines holds the title of the most highly regarded bank in Latvia.

Main services:
  • Corporate account opening;
  • Online banking;
  • Issue of corporate cards: MasterCard, Visa;
  • Merchant accounts.
Required documentation:
  • A notarized copy of the passport of the person authorized to use the account and of the beneficial owner;
  • A notarized copy of residence address confirmation (utility bills or bank reference are acceptable) of the person authorized to use the account and of the beneficial owner;
  • CV
Time required to open and activate an account:
  • Full activation is done within 2-3 weeks once all formal documentation has been received in Riga, Latvia;
  • All payment details are shown within 24 hours.
Rates & fees:
Account opening costs:
  • 500 USD

For more information on the company services contact us by e-mail or by phone + 248 428 0505

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