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Seychelles (IBC) International Business Company

Offshore Company Register is an international company established in 2001 by a group of lawyers specializing in the field of telecommunications and international tax planning. Today our company provides its clients with integrated solutions in the following areas:

Offshore Company Register has partnership agreements with the biggest international consulting companies, banks, audit organizations and other profiled structures.

Offshore Company Register provides services to more than 5000 corporate clients. We have accumulated a wealth of experience and developed effective standards of operation which let us optimize the processes of interaction between our company and the client.

Company formation in Seychelles

We offer you a chance to register company in the shortest time possible. By choosing Seychelles IBC you are guaranteed easy straightforward registration, efficient professional service and swift incorporation. Our professionals are always alert and ready to take care of your new business.

Offshore companies are governed by The IBC Act 2016.

Seychelles IBCs as well as shareholders are both exempt from any profit or income taxes as long as the conditions below are met:

Nevertheless, a Seychelles IBC is permitted to do all that is mentioned below:

The main advantage of a Seychelles IBC is that incomes and profits do not fall under any taxation. All of your earnings stay untouched so there is no danger of losing even a fraction of the. A Seychelles IBC is not related and does not fall under the EU Tax law in comparison with other companies that have to comply with the EU regulations (i.e. the UK and its territories overseas).

Foreign businesses and investors substantially contribute to the country`s development. Subsequently there is a public and government interest to support the IBCs thus keeping the status of a viable and competitive offshore solution.

Other advantages of the Seychelles companies:

It is advised to become familiar with the packages below that have been prepared according to the clients’ most frequent requirements.

Seychelles company incorporation packages

Services Basic package
449 USD
Privacy package
849 USD
Company registration including government fees
Registered address for 1 year
Company seal
Share certificate
Services for shareholders for 1 year  
Provision of professional director for 1 year  
Total cost
449 USD
849 USD
Annual renewal fee 450 USD 849 USD

Offshore off-the-shelf companies are always available. Request updated list by contacting us:

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Features of IBC (International Business Company)

Available corporate endings in the name of an IBC Limited, Ltd. Corporation. Corp. Incorporation, Inc
Allowed capital 100 000 USD
Requirement for filing annual accounts and return Accounts aren’t required to be filed with the Registrar; however the company must keep records during the period of 7 years, starting since the date of transactions completion.
Secrecy rules There are no public records of Shareholders or Directors in Seychelles. Private Information is only disclosed if the court order has been issued.
Taxes No taxes
Legistlation The IBC Act (2016)

The package of company registration in Seychelles includes the following

Company registration without nominee services

Company registration with extra services

In addition to the package above:

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