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The Seychelles Islands

The Republic of Seychelles is a country made out of 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar.

Originally its economy consisted of fishing and agriculture exports. However, after the first International Airport opening tourism has flourished at the same time giving way to further development of the economy. Eventually it became the primary industry while agriculture went into the decline. In present time, the islands are legendary for having fantastic beaches, top-class resorts, breath-taking sunsets and unrivaled quality of service for the customers.

Together with a developed tourism sector the Seychelles offers international company registrations tax-free. It is among the key elements in the islands` economy. First starting out in 1996, in as little as 20 years the country acquired a reputation for being among the most famous offshore business destinations. These days thousands of business owners choose to incorporate a company in Seychelles and the numbers are growing annually. Thanks to impressively fast and effortless registration process the country has gained appreciation throughout the globe.

Among other perks of the Seychelles islands is being out of EU and USA influence zones that tend to keep tight tracks on other offshore organizations. The outcome of this has been a major increase in the business registration applications and in response to that, the Republic of Seychelles has come up with an updated plan making sure the process of incorporation is done under proper control and according to regulations. The objective today is to help the Seychelles go further than just an offshore solution and help transform it into a financial hub.

As a special bonus feature it is allowed to register business with certain licenses as well as vessels and yachts.

Unmistakably, the financial opportunities are not just a regular offshore jurisdiction, but a rather powerful instrument and foundation for a modern answer with regards to the questions of effective tax solutions.

Infinity Group specializes on ensuring that every necessary service is provided when a new company registration takes place. Our operators are always ready to suggest and help out with planning the best business route for an offshore IBC.

Seychelles International Business Company advantages:

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