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In the world of non-stopping increasingly growing demands and rising needs for global communications, a more sizeable amount of companies requires affiliate representatives in various parts of our planet. Exactly for the purpose of filling this requirement Offshore Company Register has created Virtual Office Seychelles service. Its aim is to provide company access from nearly any part of the world. As a recent feature it is intended as a comfortable solution while at the same time eliminating countless inconveniences. It is also a sign of our appreciation for choosing Seychelles as your offshore destination.

Due to significant developmental progress in technology today`s business is adapting and enhancing at a noticeably rapid rate. It`s becoming more flexible, mobile and globally accessible. So with a new Virtual Office, we can easily demonstrate the newly incorporated mobility by quickly dialing telephone numbers from a country like the U.K. through call re-direction to Hong Kong`s cell or landline numbers. This way, clients from Britain receive access to offices in Hong Kong, entirely bypassing the regular international call. It shows you are not required to pay mind-blowing fees or be physically present to get things done like it used to be in the old days. You are not tied down to one place or another for managing a business anymore. Isn`t it convenient?

We operate to provide services for international companies and grant an opportunity for spreading their businesses on the new territories by effortlessly managing it through remote access. As a result, the costs become radically lower while the benefits are notably obvious. We hope these small perks leave positive impressions and improve your experience with Seychelles IBC. The "Virtual Office" by Offshore Company Register is available in Cyprus, the Republic of Seychelles, the U.K., Hong Kong, Switzerland, Latvia and others. Thanks to custom approach we consider your preferences by additionally offering more options and features below:

The Virtual Office Seychelles fees below are meant for 1 year. Mailing service is not included and is calculated according to international postal rates.

Virtual Office Service Cost
Correspondence mailing address 300 USD
Correspondence mailing address with additional service of document scanning and sending them by e-mail 750 USD

Telephone numbers Seychelles

Telephone services Term of service Fee
All incoming calls 1 year 1800 USD
Call forwarding to international destinations - Destinations tariff
Telephone answering (French, English, Creole) 1 year 750 USD
Plug-in of fax machine and sending of scanned documents by fax 1 year 900 USD
«Gold» telephone number Seychelles - 300 USD
«Silver» telephone number Seychelles - 150 USD

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